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Keep Your Home and Family Safe: Lower the Door on Crime in 2009

According to statistics compiled by metropolitan police departments, approximately 50 percent of all residential burglaries occur because a garage door is left open or is outdated and no longer secure.   Read Full Article »

Style Tips from the Year’s Best Dressed Homes

Turn off your television and throw out your latest fashion magazine. For today’s latest styles, all you need is the Internet. A new non-commercial website,, features a storehouse of information about your home’s largest and most-visible design element – the garage door.   Read Full Article »

Be the Envy of Your Neighbors Without Lifting a Finger

Beautiful homes. They’re everywhere. On TV, flawless façades get primetime coverage every night. Clean-cut lawns, pristine porches and shining windows bombard your senses. Their perfect features seem to remind you of all the updates you mean to make to your home.    Read Full Article »

Garage Doors & Garage Door Openers: A Dozen Reasons Why You Need New Ones

It goes up, it goes down. But a new garage door can do a lot more than that. Here are a dozen reasons why you need a new garage door and garage door opener.   Read Full Article »

The Garage Door – The New Front Door

A trendy new garage door is not only a fashion statement; it says something about your personality. You're unique. You've got style and flair. Unless you're selling your house, you've got to look at that huge garage door day in and day out as you come and go. Why not liven it up with a stylish new look?   Read Full Article »

Improving Your Curb Appeal

By Gale Steves

When was the last time that you really looked at the outside of your home closely? How does it look from the street as you drive by? Are the shrubs overgrown? Does the paint need retouching? Are there lights to welcome you on a gray day or at night? Does your garage door look like it was from another century? Is your front door hidden from sight? Is your driveway in poor repair? The answers to these questions can help your determine the curb appeal of your home.   Read Full Article »

What's New in Garage Door Openers?

Your automatic garage door opener works just fine, you say. It's opened and closed your door reliably for years. All you've needed to do is change the light bulb or the battery in the remote control once in a while.   Read Full Article »

The Advantages and Safety of Professional Installation

Now that you’ve decided you are ready to add to your home’s beauty and value by purchasing that new garage door, the most important thing you need to remember is that you must have it installed by a professional.   Read Full Article »

Extreme Garage Doors = Extreme Wind Protection

Extreme weather happens. Increasingly, manufacturers are building garage doors to withstand extreme wind loads to better protect your home and everything inside you’ve worked so hard for.   Read Full Article »

Top Ten Garage Door Trivia Tidbits

It goes up, it goes down. But a new garage door can do a lot more. A whole lot more.   Read Full Article »

What's New in Garage Doors?

Test Yourself!
Here's a quick test for your decorating sense: walk outside your house directly toward the curb. Now stop and turn around.   Read Full Article »

Home Improvement Idea that Impresses

What is the most dramatic, eye-catching home improvement project you can launch into this year? It’s an exterior upgrade that adds style and curb appeal to one-third or more of the front of homes: the garage door.   Read Full Article »

Top Ten Secrets about Today's Garage Doors

In the last few years, garage doors have experienced a major transformation in their role on the American home. Today’s garage doors do a lot more than go up and down.   Read Full Article »

A Great Fix Up Starts with Your Garage Door

What is the one fall home fix-up project that takes only a couple of hours and yields the biggest bang for the buck of any exterior home renovation?   Read Full Article »

Are you spending home improvement dollars on the wrong door?

How often do you use the front door? Not often, right? When Americans come home from work or school, the front door now takes a back seat to the garage door. Read Full Article »

How to save big bucks on a garage door repair

Your garage door spring is broken, and you're stuck in your garage. You need immediate service, so you do a quick online search and call the first name that pops up. Read Full Article »

Surprise: New garage door tops list of high-impact, affordable home improvements

You've finally scraped together some money to improve the looks of your house. Read Full Article »

The best home improvement for less than $5,000

Curious which home improvement costs less than $5,000, delivers the highest return on investment ans has the maximum impact on curb appeal? Read Full Article »